Live streaming video by Ustream

All of our shows are broadcast live and recorded online. If it is Friday or Saturday night after 10pm, this video might be live. If we are not streaming this would be the last band to hit the stage last weekend.


This is do to the distributor (House Of La Rose) continued poor customer service. For 9 years we have dealt with the attitude  "we do not need you, you need our products" . 7 years ago we stopped carrying their products and months later worked out our problem. This time we will not ever carry their products. In 9 years of being in this business i have talk to many other people that deal with them and it is the same with everyone, they are very unhappy with House Of La Rose. When these beer companies are distributed by another company we will carry them again. We deal with 8 other distributors and they all do everything they can for us. Thank you Heidelburg Distributors, R.L. Lipton, Wine Beer Imports, Premium Beverage, Cavalier Distributors, Beverage Distributors, Glazier Distro, and Superior Distributors  for doing everything to help us little guys

Spitfire will no longer carry any  Anheuser-Busch or Yuengling Products